A few words about myself, the author:

I have been working in the field of education off and on since 1969.  I currently work at a private school that has children ranging from late 2-year-olds up through 8th grade. I have worked at this school for 15 years. We easily and successfully start teaching our two- and three-year-old students how to read. On a daily basis I work some of the day training faculty and some of the day assisting children in their studies.

I have been researching and studying about the drugging of children for so-called Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Hyperactivity since 1986. I have amassed a great many studies and articles on the subject during that time. I have also been a guest on dozens of radio and TV shows regarding the subject and testified before state legislators about the psychiatric drugging of children in three of the New England states.

As a child attending school in the 1950’s, I was young for my class. I disliked having to go to school in my earliest grades. When I was in third grade I was sent to a guidance counselor, who was really a reading specialist. At the beginning of our first meeting she asked me to recite the alphabet and I couldn’t say the whole thing. At that moment I realized I had better buckle down and start trying to understand what the teachers and books were saying. I soon caught up with my classmates. Luckily, ADHD hadn’t been invented when I was in grade school and the thought of drugging millions of children daily with amphetamines would have seemed inapproriate and improbable to most parents and educators at that time. Had the mass drugging of children been in vogue, my parents would probably have had to sit through a meeting with multiple school personnel ganging up on them, trying to convince and pressure them to take me to a psychiatrist for diagnosing and drugging for ADHD. But this method of controlling children was not being taught in mandatory continuing education lectures for teachers, school psychologists and social workers in those days.

In fact, there were no mandatory quotas for continuing education for teachers and there were no school psychologists and social workers in the schools. Psychiatry and mental “health” hadn’t infiltrated the American education system, never mind the blood streams of millions of America’s students at that time. In fact, I don’t recall a single student through all my years of school, all the way through college, ever being prescribed any psychiatric drug.

I felt obligated to write the book Drugging Children, Psychiatry’s Wholesale Drugging of Schoolchildren for ADHD because I knew so much about the subject that was not known by the general public and I knew it was information that should be broadly known. This book flies in the teeth of all the marketing, advertising, public relations and billions of dollars flowing to doctors, legislators and media outlets who are perpetuating the myths around ADHD.

The purpose of this book is to educate people about another, omitted side to the story.